A new school for North Springs?

With around 100 parents, community members, staff and students in the North Springs media center tonight, May 19th, Patrick Burke, Chief Of Operations in Fulton County, came to talk about the possibility of a new school for North Springs. Burke started off the evening with a presentation about capital improvements not just at North Springs, but across Fulton County. Burke explained how schools are evaluated for the possibility of a new school or major renovations: through an assessment of technology, the building itself, and how the building supports learning.

Over the summer, consultants will be coming to different schools across Fulton County to determine the necessity of updating the respective schools. Recommendations will then be presented to the Fulton County School Board for an approval of the Capital Campaign of 2022. This Capital Campaign, funded largely by a 1 cent sales tax (SPLOST), would take place between 2017 and 2022.

After Burke’s presentation, he opened up to questions for about forty-five minutes. Questions started off largely on the subject, but over time digressed to issues such as zoning, the magnet programs, and other aspects of the school. “I thought [Burke] handled it pretty well. He answered all questions respectfully and professionally,” remarked parent Lauren Berman. At some points, there was some small tension concerning some of the questions, mostly involving how Fulton County and its assessment of North Springs would assess the unique aspects of North Springs such as theater, music, and the magnet programs. “To be honest, I think when it came to the tough questions, he sort of danced around a real answer,” commented parent Vanessa Johnson, “He was a nice guy, but I wish he was a little more straightforward in his answers,” she added.

As of now, it is up in the air whether North Springs will be getting a new school. “To get a new school, engagement by the public helps,” said Burke.

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