Meet The Vamps: Album Review

Boy bands are a growing craze, and as new boy bands are being produced, more teenagers are buying and downloading music off the internet. What do these boy bands offer that have so many people obsessed over their music? The look of the band is a definite attention grabber, but the music also has to have something that attracts audiences to the band.

Four member boy band The Vamps hail from the UK. Band vocalist Brad Simpson is native to Birmingham, England as well as guitarist James McVey. With the English drummer Tristan Evans and Scottish bassist Connor Ball, the band is complete. The band has an average age of 18.25 years with their oldest and youngest members – James and Connor- being 19 and 17 years old.

The group gained its popularity through the use of social media. The members began posting videos of them singing covers via YouTube in 2012. Viewers immediately started comparing the British boy band to another famous boy band: One Direction. In a matter of months, the band was signed to Mercury Records.

While the band’s music style is mostly pop based, they get their inspiration from other bands and genres including the pop punk band McFly.

The Vamps wasted no time producing and uploading videos of original songs. The bands posted two original songs back to back within the year 2013, “Wild Heart” and “Can We Dance.”

What is it in The Vamps music that makes it so interesting? Their debut album, Meet The Vamps was released on March 13th, 2014.

The first single from their album is a duet with Disney star Demi Lovato. The song, “Somebody to You” follows the overall theme of their album: teenagers in love. Having an album based on teenagers in love, while it is not an original concept, brings in more adoring fans, especially pre-teen and teenage girls alike.

The band’s clear distinctive indie style in the way they sing, in their beats and in their rhythm making it more than the usual pop music. The album starts with a bang as The Vamps introduce their songs with one of the original pieces “Wild Heart.” “Can We Dance” follows the more pop alternative genre, and even though it’s slower than the rest of the album, it is still an upbeat song. The band then completely changes the pace of their album with their song “Another World.”

All in all, the album is a taste of different beats and music styles that shows fans the full scope of The Vamps’ musical talents, appropriately fitting the album title “Meet The Vamps”; and surely enough, fans have meet another new, unique boy band.

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