Student parking similar for 2015-2016 school year

With only 133 parking spots available for students, parking is going to be in tight demand next year. Applications for parking spots will come out in the first week of May and will only be available in the beginning to rising seniors. These applications for seniors will be due by June 19th, and then once these are submitted, the application process will then be opened to rising juniors starting on July 1st.

The price for an application is $125, the same price as last year. Some students have some thoughts about the fee for getting a parking spot. “At first, it might seem like a lot. However, other schools like Riverwood charge more than that,” said rising senior Jessica Smith.

Students will be evaluated for the spots via a first come, first serve basis with rising seniors getting the priority for getting a parking spot. Juniors will then be open for spots, but there is a chance that not all applying juniors will get spots. The administration encourages applicants to apply as soon as possible.

One issue with the relatively small amount of parking spots is guest parking. When guests come to North Springs, many of them often park in student’s parking. As a result, students then park in guest parking which frustrates administration and guests. It is a largely cyclical process. In addition, students who never had gotten parking spots sometimes park in those guest spots.

North Springs in the past has tried to reach deals with local businesses so students can park there, but those deals have never been reached.

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