Review of Food 101

Food 101 is a local restaurant on Roswell Road. Serving cutting edge Southern cuisine, they have a “farm-to-table” approach where they support local farms and Georgia. With this method they supply the freshest meat and vegetables possible and this is apparent with their delicious, tender chicken and fresh tasting salads and vegetable sides. They even go as far as including, in the title of the menu’s items, what farm the food came from.

Food 101 has a large menu serving southern favorites: southern style burgers, smoked beef ribs, pork chops, cornmeal crusted catfish, three meat meatloaf, and my favorite: fried chicken. They also have southern staple sides such as sugar snap peas, buttery whipped potatoes, fried green tomatoes, collard greens, cole slaw and fried okra.

I had the Springer Mountain Farms fried chicken with a side of buttery, perfectly whipped mash potatoes topped with their house made gravy. The chicken was perfectly tender and the outer fried batter had just the right crunch. The combination of the juicy meat with the golden skin made for the perfect meal, tasting just like grandma’s country fried chicken. My only critique of the chicken was the gravy topping. It was delicious, but i would have prefered it on the side. With the gravy drizzled on the top of the chicken, the crunchy skin lost some of the crunch. The mashed potatoes were delicious with the gravy but I prefer mashed potatoes with small potato chunks. This personal preference did not hinder my enjoyment much; I would definitely order this side again.  

These meals were enjoyed by my family and me in a beautifully decorated restaurant. Live music played in the background as the surrounding people and I enjoyed our meals. The staff was friendly and approached us regularly, refilling drinks and asking if we loved the food as much as they thought we would. The homemade lemonade I had with my meal was refreshing and delicious. My mom enjoyed a bloody mary and they even had a bar with all types of toppings for the drink.

I enjoyed every minute of my experience at Food 101. I would definitely go back, maybe enjoy a chicken and waffles breakfast or one of their delicious housemade soups. I have suggested to all of my friends to give Food 101 a visit and you should too. It was delicious!