Too bad you are not invited to my graduation

North Springs High School seniors of 2015 are three weeks away from graduation, will they be ready? Will they all graduate? Although senior-itis has taken a toll on some of the students , grades are not the only thing they are concerned about.

As we approach graduation many students are a little upset about the limited tickets for the ceremony. There has been a controversy between the exact number of graduation tickets each student will receive. Seniors will get between six tickets to give out to their loved ones. Students can apply through a waiting list for one more ticket.

Many students feel that the ticketing process is unfair and inconsiderate to them and their families. “Limiting the number of graduation tickets for the students puts them in a position where they have to choose who is most important to them, family members have been waiting twelve years to see their graduate only to find out that they may not be invited,” said Telicia Conyers, a mother of a NSCHS senior.

“The venue itself holds a particular number of people, certain people have to be seated there. You have to think about the number of students and the number of faculty that have to attend as well because they have to come and participate in the graduation.” said Felicia Lewis, North Springs’ magnet coordinator and advisor to Senior Class Council, planners of graduation.

Graduation is a milestone in an individuals life, limiting the number of people who can attend ones graduation can put a damper on such a joyous moment . “I recommend going forward, going “old school”, having the ceremony on the field, by doing this it saves the students money, and allows them to invite more of their family and friends to witness this moment,” said Latashia Edmond, a Godparent of a NSCHS senior.

North Springs senior Dejah Holman said, “It’s sad, I feel we should have at least ten tickets because that is a big day for us, and most of us have big families that want to see us walk across the stage.”

I can only imagine that this has been a dilemma over the years, maybe North Springs’ administration should consider other solutions to this concern for future graduates.

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