Saying goodbye to one of North Springs’ best

As another school year comes to an end, we have to unfortunately say goodbye to a couple of the North Springs’ teachers.

One of those leaving is Karen Allsteadt, a dedicated Chemistry teacher. When students were asked about her, they had nothing but kind words.

Karen Allsteadt, one of North Springs best teachers, is retiring

Karen Allsteadt, one of North Springs best teachers, is retiring

“Having Mrs. Allsteadt has made me fall in love with chemistry. She always had the best chemistry jokes and I will miss her very much,” said sophomore Anna Rappaport.

Stefany Munoz, an 11th grader, commented, “I loved her teaching skills. She is like one of those teachers that really teach you and make you want to learn. Chemistry was one of my favorite classes last year.”

Before Allsteadt was a chemistry teacher, she was a materials engineer at Honeywell. She also played a lot of tennis and gardened at home.

Now that she will not be working at North Springs, she hopes to find another job teaching. If not, then she will go back to engineering.

“I want something flexible with whatever I do, so I can spend time with my daughter before she goes to college,” commented Allsteadt. “This job is very demanding on your time, and it is not flexible at all. I have not had time for friends or exercise really.”

Allsteadt will miss her students the most, the conversations she had with them, and the fun the students brought to her. “I hope I bring you guys joy and interest in chemistry – that’s my goal anyway, that is what makes teaching fun for me. I love it,” said Allsteadt.

Allsteadt had a student teacher join her classroom this year, Lauren Nichols. Allsteadt said, “It was definitely challenging to give the reigns to someone else, to let go of my classroom, just as hard as it was for her to take over.”

Junior Yarden Hayut remarked, “She always knew how to make chemistry fun and not just textbook-y. She always had the best chemistry jokes and was always happy. She’s just a great person.”

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