A Review of North Springs Sports Teams: Part 1

North Springs offers a variety of different sports teams. During the fall, students have the options to participate in six varsity sports, five during the winter, and seven during the spring giving a total of 18 different varsity sports all in the 7 AAAAA conference.

This a review of a few of the sports programs North Springs offers.

CROSS COUNTRY: The cross country team is under the direction of Mr. Benschine. The cross country season starts in August and ends in November. Like most fall sports, the season starts as soon as the school year begins. While there are many students that participate on the team, not many students come out to see the team’s races. Team member Kevin Satillion reflects on his first season with the cross country team. “Not many students come out to the races because they are usually part of the race,” says Santillian. “There is plenty of involvement from parents of students on the team,” says Santillian. So while not many students come out to support the team, family members that are a part of the North Springs community gladly support their children and other runners. Santillion also commits on the number of awards the team has received during his year on the team. “The team has not received any awards in the year I have been part of it.” But even without awards, the cross-country team is still an important part of the North Springs sports program and several students have the opportunity to participate. As a final wrap up, Santillion mentions that the team did receive new uniforms this year and the overall season went “smoothly and it was a fun experience.”

WATER POLO: The water polo team is another winter sports team. North Springs’ water polo team is 6th in the state for Division 1. Veteran player Alex Moses provides some insight about the water polo season and the team. Moses has been a member of the water polo team for three years and the season “starts in the summer and ends in November,” says Moses. Not many students come out to watch the team participate in their matches. When asked why he believes not many students come out, Moses replies “the matches are far away.” He believes that if the school were to “broadcast [the matches] more” then more students would possible come out to show support. The water polo team received new coaches this season and the coaches “improved [the] team dramatically,” says Moses. For Moses, the overall season was “a great improvement.”

SOFTBALL: One of the earlier seasons is the softball season. Junior Amber Liu has been a member of the varsity softball team for three years. Softball season starts with workouts and tryouts during the summer, or as was the case before the Georgia High School Association, or GHSA, changed the rules. “We workout during the winter and spring with tryouts towards the end of the school year,” says Liu. “The season usually ends around October.” The softball season was not the best for the girls seeing as they lost most of their games but they were able to get “runner up” in a summer tournament that the softball team hosted at North Springs. Unfortunately, the team has not received any new gear this year with the exception of “the new field and new pitching gear,” says Liu, “but we’ve definitely had the same uniforms for about 6-7 years.” The softball team gets a new assistant coach every year but the head coach remains the same. Amber closes with a positive overall view of her whole season. “Even though we lost most of our softball games, I still enjoyed playing with all of my teammates, they’re like my sisters. The coaches are also great and really care about improving the team.”

GOLF: Liu also plays another one of the spring sports that North Springs offers: golf. The golf season starts during February and ends late April. Liu recalls that the number of wins to loses for the golf season was an equal amount. Liu says she knows that “golf isn’t really a sport that people can come and watch” so she knows that not many students will come out to watch the golf matches. The team did come close to advancing to sectionals during their season. “For golf,” says Liu, “we get new shirts and hats every year. That is included in our player fees.” However, the players are responsible for their own gear. “The golf season has been pretty successful given the fact that we are such a young team. The sum of new freshman that came this year are amazing and have been a really great help to the team,” says Liu.

GIRL’S BASKETBALL: One of the well known winter sports is basketball. Varsity player Dajee Lyes gives her view of her the overall season for the girl’s varsity basketball team. The basketball season begins in late October and ends in February. The varsity girls walked away from the season with a record of 5 wins and 17 loses, which, according to Lyees, “was definitely better than last year.” While the team has shown improvement, not many students come out to support them. Lyees recalls that “maybe 30” students would come out to watch the team. When asked how the staff could help bring out more support for her team, Lyees recommends “[encouraging] people to come by selling tickets at lunch and pep rallies.” The team is sponsored by Jason’s Deli but even a sponsor has not helped the team get new uniforms or gear. The team received new coaches both years she has been a member of the team but Lyees says “we’ve improved both years that we got new coaches.”

LACROSSE: Sophomore Jack Spencer is a member of the North Springs varsity boy’s lacrosse team and has played lacrosse for 8 years. So far, the lacrosse team has a record of 3 wins and 10 loses but since the season ends in May, there is plenty of time for students to come out and give the team more support. Spencer says “a decent amount of people come. Because it isn’t as big of a sport as some and not as know,” not too many students will come out. Spencer says the staff and students could “[make] the sport a bigger deal and have coaches that can change the course of any season.” The team has many sponsors and received new equipment last season. The team has had new coaches. The coaches “affect the team in ways to get us ready and warm up certain players on the team before the game,” says Spencer. With lacrosse being such a physical sport, the team has had many ‘injuries from broken bones to concussions,” comments Spencer. But for Spencer, “the overall season is fun. Even though we are not doing that well we still have fun playing the sport together. We always come out to play and have fun playing the sport we enjoy.”

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