Teachers before Teaching

Have you ever wondered what your teacher did before teaching? You might be surprised at what they were before they taught.

I was very shocked to find out that history teacher Christina Butler, used to be a Disney princess. She worked at Disney World for seven years. “The major difference between teaching and being a princess is you get to have intellectual conversations. When you are a princess, all you get to talk about is dresses and the story line of that character, “said Butler. Butler also said that the best part of that job was making kids dreams come true. The worst part of being a Disney princess, she says, was having to have the same exact conversation with kids over and over again all day. Also, having very inconsistent hours and random shifts was a down side of working there.

Linda Estep, the schools Registrar, used to be the director of advertising for CNN for seven years. Estep says, “Sometimes I miss it, I miss the fast pace, working at North Springs is very fast pace for me, so it suits me well.” The major difference between the two jobs is working in the corporate world and working at high school. The hours are also very different. “The cool thing about my old job was meeting very interesting people, sometimes I got to meet celebrities,” said Estep.

Coach Morris, used to play minor league baseball before he came a teacher. He sometimes wishes he could go back to baseball because he loves the game. Morris says, “The major difference between my old job and teaching is I didn’t have to deal with any kids, and it was all about me.” He only got to play for five weeksthough  because of an injury. The best part about his old job was the fact that he got to do what he loves for a living, and that is playing baseball. The worst part was being in a cramped bus traveling the Southeast.


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