Whats the big deal about Nike shorts?

As the weather heats up, more and more students are wearing less jeans and sweatshirts and more shorts and t-shirts. Because of dress code, boys have more options of clothes like shorts to wear. More commonly, if a girl were to wear Nike shorts to school they would be stopped by an administrator due to the length of the shorts. I asked multiple North Springs students their opinion on this topic and this is what the said.

  • Have you ever personally worn Nike shorts to school and gotten in trouble?

“No, I have never been dress coded for Nike shorts.” said Anna Walston.

  1. Do you think the dress code is more unfair for girls?

“Definitely, I think that girls get in trouble for the dress code all the time because dress code mostly applies [to] girls. Guys never get dress coded because it doesn’t applies to them,” said Anna Walston.

  1. As it warms up, girls’ options for clothing is limited, what do you plan on wearing instead of jeans, leggings or sweat pants?

“I wish I could wear shorts but I can’t because of the dress code. So probably skirts that aren’t ‘too short’,” said Anna Walston.

  1. Do you want to see a change in the dress code to accommodate girls more?

“Yeah, because I don’t think that girls wearing short clothes should make them into sexual objects like the dress code implies,” said Anna Walston.

  1. Do you think girls should be able to wear Nike shorts?

“Yes, because I don’t see the big deal about wearing work out shorts to school instead of the long hot clothes the schools dress code makes us wear,” said Anna Walston.

The North Springs school nurse Theresa Warner added, “I think students should be allowed to wear Nike shorts as long as they’re the appropriate length.”

“People’s body types are different so if you’re going to dress code one student, you need to dress code them all,” continued Warner.

Senior Tahrek Sbaity said, “I think Nike shorts are very appealing. If guys can wear Chubbies and shorts more than a paper length away from their knee, I feel like women should be able too as well. Them not being able to is an act of feminism and something should be done about it. If not, guys should be able to wear shorts also so there isn’t a sexism issue.”

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