Rixton: Let The Road


Rixton’s Let the Road album cover.

Rixton, consisting of  Jake Roche (vocalist/guitarist), Charley Bagnall (vocals/lead guitar), Danny Wilkin (vocals/bass/keys) and Lewi Morgan (vocals/drums), has been proving they can achieve appealing hits since capitalizing on YouTube, posting covers of artists such as Chris Brown. Their debut record “Let the Road,” is excellent proof that they will not be going anywhere any time soon.

Let the Road consists of ten tracks, highlighted by lead single, “Me And My Broken Heart.”This smash made an impact on the charts, reaching as high as number six on U.S charts, not even being the most radio open song on the album.

Third song on Let the Road, “Appreciated,” is slower paced with moderate guitar strumming bringing in the track with subtle lyrics like, ” Cause it’s you, who, takes care of everyone else. You, need to allow me to help, you.”

Following three places behind, “Hotel Ceiling” is without a doubt the most ominous song on the album with an inexplicable aura throughout the song. “Hotel Ceiling” tells of losing a partner and venturing to face the news and keep a hold on that person’s spot in your life.

The excellent part of Let the Road is that Rixton still manage to have their identity come through every song despite not being the sole writers of all of their music. The opener and title track is actually completely written by them with no outside help. “It’s a Boyz II Men or Beach Boys sort of thing,” said Roche.”We wanted to start with that as a statement, then you hear us plug in our guitars and crank it up for the rest of the album.”

The result being awe-inspiring: it is a work of art with beautiful harmonies, and vocalist Roche sings like the harmony of a fairytale dream. It is clear that Let the Road is at its best when the songs are crafted by Rixton themselves.

Let the Road is an album negated of any filler content, and the album flows together like a dream. Overall, Rixton are on the right path with Let the Road, and may just have the finesse that other boy bands have been missing with opening for Ariana Grande and playing gigs in unexpected places.

“We play out in the street and play a mix of our own songs and covers to anyone who’ll turn up,” explains Morgan. “I play a box, the guys have acoustics and we all harmonize.” Scooter Braun, manager for pop stars such as Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, now managing the UK quartet is definitely leading the boys in a good path, transforming them from their 2013 selves. Keep an eye out for Rixton, seeing how these wonders are keeping the pop industry razor-sharp on their toes.

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