Album Review: Kalin and Myles Dedication

Hip-Hop, rap, and R&B are some of the most consumed genres of music. Not one demographic enjoys listening to various artists from each genre. Often times, all three genres are condensed under the umbrella of Hip Hop. New artists Kalin and Myles produce music that has an equal blend of hip-hop, pop and R&B. While the duo is not the first to venture into the hip-hop genre, their blend of pop and R&B aids in producing a new type of music that audiences can enjoy. Like other hip-hop artists, the duo not only raps, but sings in their songs. By providing a blend of two styles of performing, the artists give their audience an upbeat chorus with fast paced verses in between. Neither one of the artists make an attempt to out due the other when singing and rapping. The duo works well with other another and it shows in their music.

The group is young but not without experience. Dedication, while it is their first EP, is not the first showing of the songs they have produced. Kalin and Myles wrote a song entitled “More Than Friends” which they shared online. Later, the duo found itself performing with other more popular pop artists such as Austin Mahone and Megan & Liz while building their fan base at the same time.

Every song on their EP introduces new beat and melodies. No two songs sound so similar that it is impossible to tell the difference between the two. Kalin and Myles showcase more of their rapping talents in the first two songs “Trampoline” and “I Don’t Really Care.” The third song on the EP focuses more on showcasing the boys’ singing abilities with harmonies and vocalizations throughout the song. The final song “You’re The Only One I Need” is a nice closing to the EP as it shows both rapping and singing talents of the duo. The boys add a twist to the overall album and step away from more traditional hip-hop beats to add Hispanic style instruments and rhythms.

Overall, the EP is a hybrid of pop, R&B, and hip-hop to produce a new sound, addicting genre of music known as hip-hop.


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