Running to first place

On March 14, 2015, the North Springs’ girls track 4×4 relay became first in the state of Georgia and second in the nation when they competed at the Coaches Invitational at Georgia Tech.

The relay team consists of Micaiah Ransby, junior, Dorian Perkins, senior and captain, Tyra Williams, junior and captain, and Molly Jackson, junior and captain.

Coach Antonio McKay, one of the main coaches alongside Coach Carroll, takes immense pride in the team as a whole.

“We treat every competition, whether the first or last meet, like the state championship,” said McKay. “Relays are the most important thing, because the athletes in the relay represent each other and North Springs.”

McKay is an American Track and Field athlete. During his athletic career he competed in the 1984 and 1988 Olympics. He won two Gold Olympic medals and one Bronze Olympic medal. He started a company called On Track in 1998 that trains groups or individuals during the summer and he has been a great addition to the team.

This particular relay team of these four girls has only been together for this season, but two of the girls, Micaiah Ransby and Dorian Perkins, have been together since freshmen year. Tyra Williams and Molly Jackson transferred to North Springs this year.

1st in State relay team: Tyra Williams, Micaiah Ransby, Coach McKay, Dorian Perkins, and Molly Jackson (left to right)

1st in State relay team: Tyra Williams, Micaiah Ransby, Coach McKay, Dorian Perkins, and Molly Jackson (left to right)

Micaiah Ransby was so thrilled and honored to hear about their new title. “During a race my mind almost goes blank. At times it’s hard to even hear my coach guiding me along the race because I’m in the moment. After the gun goes off, I’m really into the race and determined to win,” said Ransby.

Dorian Perkins, a senior, looks back on her times on the track team as she graduates this year. Perkins commented, “There are so many wonderful memories from being on this team. They’re like my family. We all look out for one another.”

Some of the girls’ inspirations include Olympic medalist Christian Taylor, Olympic medalist Allyson Felix, Queen Harrison and Coach McKay.

Tyra Williams said becoming first in the state and second in the nation was the best feeling she has had since joining the team freshmen year. “I have progressed so much as a person and as an athlete,” said Williams.

“Being number one in the state and number two in the nation gives me a sense of accomplishment,” replied Molly Jackson, “but I still run every race as if we are not ranked at all.”


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