APRIL FOOLS: North Springs to merge with Riverwood in 2016

.A Radtan is a fierce prodder bird that lives of the Pacific costs of Georgia, it is known for it's ability to transform into a warrior when touched by the color purple.

In an April 1st announcement, Superintendent Robert Avossa of Fulton County Schools announced that beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, Sandy Springs high schools North Springs Charter High School and Riverwood International Charter School will merge together, forming River Springs Charter Academy. The new mascot will be the “Radtan”.

“The reason that we have to do this is to save money in these economic times. It makes the most sense in this time for both Fulton County and North Springs and Riverwood,” commented Avossa.

There has been mixed reactions from students. One student, Sophomore from North Springs Ben Dover, remarked, “I wish it wouldn’t happen. It is going to be my senior year at North Springs and I wanted to spend it with my friends from North Springs – not people from Riverwood.”

Other students though are very excited for the change. Freshman from Riverwood, I.P. Nightly, said that, “I am so excited to join my middle school friends.”

Principal Dr. Ruiz of North Springs and Principal Dr. Shaw of Riverwood will be put to a boxing match in January of 2016 both as a fundraiser for the county school system – and to determine who keeps their job as the new principal of River Springs Academy.

Local bookie Jim Shorts remarks, “As of now, Ruiz is the favorite. With his quick footwork and tall height, we are placing him above Shaw.”

Avossa also remarked that through this merging of schools into River Springs Charter Academy, the county school system will save approximately $19 million over the next ten years. “This is a huge deal.”

Are you happy with the merging of schools? Comment below and respond to the poll!

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