APRIL FOOLS: Are You Actually Living In China

Recently, the US government, in conjunction with the Georgia government and the local governments of Atlanta and Sandy Springs, have made a land deal with China. Parts of Sandy Springs, extending from I-285 all the way to the Chattahoochee River.

Local leader Kim John replied to the Oracle’s pressing emails with the following: “This is what is best for our community. Our community, Sandy Springs, has one of the richest lifestyles in Georgia. This new land deal helps pay for the lifestyle of our citizens.”

“I can’t believe I’m actually living in China. Although it is nice to be part of a country that gets things done,” said Izzy Able, a freshman at North Springs.

Others students had a negative opinion. One junior, Richard Cox responded to this news with the quote: “I was born in ‘Murica and I will die in ‘Murica. These commies ain’t gonna take me.”

Initial reports say that Chinese planes have landed in Hartsfield-Jackson and Chinese soldiers will set up border police soon.

Wherever this foreign occupation leads us, it will hopefully be in the right direction.