Local Boy Scout Troop Honored At Georgia Capital

On March 23rd, Sandy Springs Troop 463 was honored at the Georgia State Capitol for its 50th anniversary of being in Scouting.

Boy Scout Troop 463 was originally founded in 1965, but its true founding was in 1941 when a troop formed at the Sandy Springs United Methodist Church called Troop 1. This evolved into Troop 236, which in 1964 was divided into Troop A and Troop B. Finally, in 1965, Troop B became Troop 463.

In the Georgia House of Representatives, Wendell Willard (Sandy Springs), Joe Wilkerson (Sandy Springs), Matt Dollar (Marietta) and Mike Jacobs (Brookhaven) were the representatives who sponsored a resolution that honored the Troop for its services to the community. There was a standing ovation for the troop’s efforts. Scout Max Derrick said, “It was so cool. I’d do it again if I had the chance.”

The troop started off the morning by meeting the attorney general , who gave them some facts on different cases, with whom he works with, and specifically sovereign citizens. A sovereign citizen was described as, “One of those crazy people who wake up and decide they are their own country.” He said that it is important to pay attention to them because of a recent case where a sovereign citizen walked into the Forsyth County Courthouse and shot a deputy.

The troop then left to go line up outside the House of Representatives. The troop went inside and listened and watched as the House voted on bills and the local agenda. There was then an announcement of the troop’s arrival and a standing ovation.

Since its creation, Troop 463 has had 206 eagle scouts and has been a pillar of the Sandy Springs community.