Golf at North Springs rebuilds

The North Springs golf team got off to a rough start, with the season starting almost two weeks late due to cold weather preventing use of the golf courses. However, having just lost six extremely talented senior players, the young and inexperienced team is taking the golf world by storm.

The varsity golf team consists of six girls, Nadia Doulgas, Nina Douglas, Amber Liu, Camille Thompson, Nema Zayed, and Alyssa Wilson, and six boys, Bashir Chuma, Patrick Shea, Javan Bonds, Will Harrison, Devin Nash, and Zach Durbin. Head coach Karen Cushman was especially impressed with freshman Patrick Shea, who she describes as a “phenomenal and coachable role model who is dedicated and always willing to help others.”

Shea is not the only player impressing coaches and teammates alike. Junior Bashir Chuma has been a low medalist in every match the boys team has competed in. Chuma averages at 2 above par for every match, a spectacular score. Additionally, Amber Liu and Naudia Douglas were low medalists against Kell High School. Low medalist means a player or pair had the lowest (best) score on the course for the whole day.

While the players love to go out on the driving range in practice, Cushman knows it is important to focus on fundamental skills like chipping and putting. But preparing right before a match is almost as important as preparing in practices days before them. “Before matches, I like to tell my players to play their game and not to worry about what the other team is doing. They should play with the clubs they are strong with. Every whole is a new whole and should be treated as such,” said Cushman.

Though the North Springs golf team lost six seniors last year, this transition year is turning out much better than expected and the coaches have positive feelings towards the future. “When those seniors (that left last year) started golf, they weren’t fantastic players at all. But their love for the sport was so tremendous they were able to make such an amazing improvement and I hope to see the same enthusiasm in this team,” said Cushman.


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