Staff of the Year

Mrs. Helen is a part of the custodial staff here at North Springs High school, and has been working for North Springs for the past twenty years. Recently she was voted “Staff of the Year” by the other staff members. She officially works here every school day from 6 AM to 2 PM but arrives here every day at 5 AM.

Helen said, “I was very surprised. It was so unexpected. I must say that it was a very rewarding moment for me. I was so surprised when they called my name. After working for so many years at North Springs, to be recognized by the staff and shown just how much I am appreciated is a really a high point in my career. It is an achievement that will follow me for the rest of my life.”

The best part of her job she says is helping the students and staff. They rely heavily on the custodial staff and she loves that she can help to resolve major and minor issues in the school. Helen also encounters difficulties when doing her job.

She says, “A minor crisis like a leaky ceiling in a classroom or a wet floor can lead to bigger problems if not handled quickly. I enjoy that level of responsibility. The worst part of my job is cafeteria duty! Some of the students don’t pick up after themselves after they eat and it is challenging to have to clean up the cafeteria in time for the next lunch.”

Congrats to Mrs. Helen!

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