Movie Review: The Lazarus Effect

There seems to be a common trend in horror movies that there is becoming little to no horror in the movie. It’s said when a movie can’t live up to its expectation, but this is not the case for The Lazarus Effect. The Lazarus Effect actually is a horror movie, it has its fair share of cliches, but what movie doesn’t have it’s cliches, especially a horror movie. This movie just didn’t rely on small jumps scares and creepy music. Surprisingly, it also relied on psychological scares and character development to make itself worth being scared. The Lazarus Effect is a good movie for what it is worth.

The Lazarus Effect is about the scenario of bringing someone back from the dead.The serum will be able to restart brain activity and whatever memories one had before will be restored. But there is a problem: what if the person you brought back to life was haunted by not just her past but, ghosts that haunt her. And at this point they also take over her soul. So not only did you bring a possessed girl back to life, but she also wants to kill you and everybody in the lab.

What makes The Lazarus Effect a good horror movie was that it also used the cliches to their advantage. For example, if you play a black man in any horror you are often bound to die first. And The Lazarus Effect is no different but, in the movie, Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino, aka Niko in the movie) he is killed off first. Because of this, this makes the rest of the characters go into a panic and start to fear the main antagonist. When they find the character dead in the closet, the fear starts to increase and the characters start to panic. Another cliche is that is in some horror movies is that everybody dies. And in this movie, you can be sure that everyone will die but it’s the way that all the characters dies that’s really creative.

For example, one of the characters, Clay (Evan Peters) smokes a lot in the movie. The way he dies it that he chokes on his electric cigarette, because the possessed antagonist pushed the cigarette.They use this as a creative way to kill somebody. I enjoyed this movie.

I give this movie a 7/10.

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