Student teacher showcase

North Springs has a few students teachers roaming the North Springs halls. Learn a little more about them and their experience at North Springs:

Lauren Nichols:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMs. Nichols is currently student teaching for Karen Allsteadt, a North Springs chemistry teacher. She has a true passion for the chemistry topic, and has ever since her high school chemistry teacher intoriduced her to the field. “I have always wanted to teach, ever since the second grade,” said Nichols, “but having an excellent chemistry teacher in high school is what let me know that (chemistry) is what I wanted to teach.” Nichols has previous experience in the chemistry field, as she worked in a chemistry lab prior to coming to North Springs and has done extensive research in college.

Ms. Nichols was extremely impressed by the magnet program here at North Springs. “I think it’s so interesting that people can be so passionate about dance here and still come for a full understanding of science.” Though she is technically the one “teaching” the students, Nichols feels like the students have taught her many things as well. “Since coming here, I have learned how to teach different types of students. I now know how to challenge very bright students so they can perform their best.”

Chelsey Griffin:


Ms. Griffin is Kristen Jackson’s student teacher for the 2014-15 school year. Jackson teaches honors anatomy, AP biology, and microbiology, topics that have always thoroughly interested her student teacher. Griffin especially enjoys the research emphasis in science. Griffin is responsible for teaching the microbiology classes.


Ms. Griffin had nothing but positive things to say when asked about her opinion on North Springs. “I think it’s a really good environment here. The school is very student centered.” Griffin is very thankful for her students teaching her by giving out feedback on what kinds of lessons help them learn the most.

Carolyn Allie


Ms. Allie is the student teacher for Ms. Davis, Ms. McEachern, Ms. Forbes, and Ms. Hayes. Though these teachers specialize in a variety of subjects, Allie’s passion is ESOL (English for speakers of other languages). She is fluent in Italian and Spanish, but knows it is more important to possess the skills and capabilities to teach English successfully than to fully know a student’s first language.

Though Ms. Allie knew of North Springs prior to coming here because of her attendance to Chattahoochee High School, she was still impressed by the dynamic of North Springs. “I think the magnet, charter, and general high school dynamic is really interesting,” said Allie. When asked about her craziest experience since coming to North Springs as a student teacher, Allie was quick to answer the pep rally. “It was actually really funny. One day after class at Georgia State i was talking to one of my friends about how crazy they (One Up Society) were at the pep rally, and this guy asked me why I was there. I told him I was a student teacher and it turned out it was one of the members!”

Marithza Rendon

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMs. Rendon is a math student teacher who works with Ms. Ross. She has always been talented in math, which has assisted her in successfully teaching her students. Through being a student teacher, Rendon has realized she has a passion for teaching and would love to teach math to high schoolers.

Ms. Rendon was initially most impressed by how involved students are at North Springs. “I really like how the students here take advantage of all their options, because I didn’t have that many options to get involved in high school.” Her students have taught her how to view math concepts in a different way, because they do not always immediately understand the subject.

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