“Boolloons” come to North Springs

Do you want to make your “boo” happy on their special day? Well North Springs now offers “Boolloons!” Boolloons provides decorative balloons and locker decorations for your “boo.”

“Boolloons” is a school-based business that sells balloons and locker decorations for students. Locker decoration purchases include a full locker covered in the design of the customer. Locker decorations require at least one days’ notice. Pictures and other personal items can be added to the locker, if desired. All locker decorations are made and put up on the locker by balloon staff.

“Boolloons” was started by FBLA members and it is operated by the club. There are many club members that have been involved in the planning and in volunteering during sale times. The main purpose of this business is to meet a need for gifts and decorations for students. The funds generated from “Boolloons” will be used to support FBLA members attending national competition and other club needs.

“I think that this is such a fun idea! It is really convenient, especially if I forget someone’s birthday. Also, who doesn’t love balloons,” said sophomore Julia Rosenthal.

FBLA says that one great thing about “Boolloons” is that it is very convenient. They are available all day every day in room E119. They will also be set up in the commons during mornings, and the cafeteria during some lunches for the next couple of weeks to advertise and sell in the most common areas. Currently there is no maximum of what a customer can purchase. They encourage customers to be considerate of others and each balloon purchase comes with a reminder to leave the balloons at the fron of the classroom, or whatever the teacher desires. “Boolloons” want to celebrate students, but also respect the learning environment.

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