7 Hens Restaraunt Review

7 Hens Chicken Schnitzel Eatery is a new restaurant that just opened up right next to the Publix on Abernathy and Roswell at 6615 Roswell Rd. NE Suite 340 Sandy Springs, GA 30328. The chain currently has two locations open, the one on Roswell and one in Decatur, Georgia.

Their “mission”, as their website puts, is “To explore the flavors of the world with chicken schnitzel.” Going to the restaurant, I was quite skeptical as the outside is not very attractive but to my surprise, the inside was very. The décor was modern and hip; I would compare it to Chipotle.

You come in, take a paper menu, select what you want and order at the counter. All items on the menu are made with chicken schnitzel, a piece of chicken breast pounded with a meat hammer until flat and breaded with bread crumbs. They have American schnitzel, Chinese schnitzel, French schnitzel, German schnitzel, Indian schnitzel, Italian schnitzel, Mexican schnitzel and a seasonal schnitzel. Each item on the menu may be served as a salad, wrap, platter, or on a baguette. All items may be made with tofu, grilled chicken, or chicken schnitzel, but for the real 7 Hens experience, I would suggest getting the schnitzel.

When you order they give you a hammer used to make chicken schnitzel with a number on it. I appreciated the idea, but it’s a little bit unnecessary, large, and heavy. I ordered the Mexican chicken schnitzel in wrap form and I was very pleased with it. I also got a side of French fries but I am almost positive they were cooked in the same oils as the sweet potato fries because they tasted just like sweet potato. My friend, Lisa Yildirim, ordered the Indian schnitzel in salad form and was also quite pleased with it.

The servers were so kind and asked if I had enjoyed my meal. Despite the server’s friendliness, the service is not the fastest. The chicken was prepared deliciously and the portions are a good size. All the combinations of different flavors were very pleasing to the taste buds. Lisa made a comment on how the music was quite loud and I agree, although it was a good choice of music.

I talked to one woman there who said, “I come here every day after work and I always get something different. I live close by so it’s super easy. So far, I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve gotten. I’d recommend it.” I would also recommend 7 Hens. I really liked my meal and I would more than likely come back. I give it three and a half stars!

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