Movie Review: Kingsmen Secret Service

From the producers of Kick Ass, Layer Cake, and Stardust comes a film that ups the chaos of  Kick Ass, improves the story from Stardust, and increases the danger of  Layer Cake: it is a film called Kingsmen Secret Service. This film has to be one of the most action packed movie of 2015 so far. It promises a lot of things from the trailer, and stays true to what it promises, A non-stop action ride with an in depth story and well rounded ending. The movie Kingsmen Secret Service is well worth seeing.


Brief Summary (Without spoilers): The Kingsmen Secret Service is about a young man named Gray “ Eggsy” Unwin (Taron Egerton) who lives in a dysfunctional home, while his mother is abused by his stepfather. He feels as if he needs a change in his life. The story goes further as you join Eggsy and his friends at the local pub but not all is well. As an older man (Morgan Watkins) and his crew want to start a fight inside the pub. The fight does not start as Eggsy says he’s sorry and moves on but what the older man doesn’t know is that Eggsy had stolen his car keys and he ends up taking the car for a bit of a joyride. Later, the police show up as they pin Eggsy to the car and then take him to jail.

As Eggsy is integrated, the cop that is integrating Eggsy is asked to release him. The order was carried out by Harry Hart (Colin Firth) as he and Eggsy then talk about Eggsy joining the Kingsmen. The rest of the movie consists of the struggle to stop the evil millionaire Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson)  from his plot to destroy half of the human race. Knowing that this movie is rated R, it is not going to be appropriate for some viewers such as children. I can’t stress this enough the movie is very violent and shows a lot of dismemberment, decapitation, and impalement. Not to mention the use of profanity, it constantly drops the F bomb.

Kingsmen Secret Service is really an enjoyable movie that has a great beginning and a well thought out ending. I can rate this movie a solid 8.5/10.


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