Where Are They Now: PlayBoiCarti

Jordan Carter is a new and upcoming rapper in Atlanta who graduated from North Springs High School in 2014.

Jordan got his start in music in high school here at North Springs. “I made a song on Garage Band named Cry. It was weak, but I had a lot of people in my ear telling me it was “fye” (good) so I was like why not keep going?”, said Jordan Carter.

Before he started his career in music, he played basketball and didn’t take his musical abilities seriously. He eventually got into an argument with his basketball coach which led him to quit the team. Carter soon took up a new hobby of rapping with the encouragement of his peers who always told him he would be good at it. “Really it was natural, I guess. I’m intelligent so I had a way with words. I had that flow: simple but exclusive, like [a] trademark flow: that Carti sound,” he says of his talent.

Jordan Carter "PlayBoiCarti" graduated from North Springs in 2014

Jordan Carter “PlayBoiCarti” graduated from North Springs in 2014

Since he graduated high school, his music has touched thousands, with his first couple self made videos reaching up to 10,000 views. He has not only released music videos but also full mixtapes that can be downloaded on Datpiff.com or listened to on Soundcloud.com.

His music since then has really matured and evolved. The beats have become more fitting to what appeals to today’s young audiences.

Being signed to Awful Records with other popular Atlanta artists has influenced the content of his music. They can all collaborate and build off of each others experiences. “I like all Atlanta rappers. I love my hometown. Im inspired [by] a lot of things; rap for me is art.”

Carter has worked with artists such as Ethereal, Father and Pollari. Pollari (a local rapper in Atlanta who is also signed to Awful Records) and PlayBoiCarti (Carter’s rap name) both collaborated on a song called FEFE produced by Metro Boomin who has also worked with Travis $cott. This just shows the fame PlayBoiCarti is getting. His song has recently been featured on The Fader, Elevator Magazine, Rehab Online Magazine, amongst others.

Though he is not yet selling albums, his mixtapes have gained enough popularity to earn him headlines in New York, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida and other places.

Carter isn’t going to stop here. More contracts are being written and more collaborations and music will continue to come. His future looks bright. “I plan to be a millionaire in the next couple months,” says PlayBoiCarti.

He also has some advice for aspiring rappers at North Springs. “I want to inspire people to keep going at whatever they’re doing because hard work pays off.”