School system decides to open on March 13

In an email to parents on Tuesday, March 3rd, Superintendent of Fulton County Robert Avossa said that the previously marked “Teacher Work Day” on March 13th would now become a regular school day. This is what he said:

Dear Parents,

Friday, March 13, will be used as a make-up day due to the school cancellations in February. The 2014-2015 calendar designated March 13, previously a teacher workday and a student holiday, as a make-up day if it should be needed.

Students and teachers need every instructional day during this critical time of year – as there is a lot to be done during the next three months. Also, if additional inclement weather causes school to be closed, the school system would have to look at options to make up days missed. There are no current plans to make up the other three days missed in February.

The rest of the school year calendar currently is unaffected. Spring break remains on schedule for April 6-10 and the last day of school continues to be May 22. High school graduation dates are not impacted.

Students have missed for days this year – February 17, 20, 25, and 26. Make-up options for workdays missed by employees are currently under discussion.

Thank you for your support and understanding.


Robert M. Avossa, Ed.D


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