France, Costa Rica, Argentina–studying abroad!

Studying abroad is just what it sounds like; it is pursuing educational opportunities in other countries other than your own.

There are so many options to explore if you are a senior in high school who is looking to pursue education through hands-on programs, instead of a classroom, during your college career. These options include taking a gap year, getting a degree after college, or even doing an internship in a foreign country.


Ms. Sauer went to Israel as part of a study abroad program at Hebrew University

Most students choose to study abroad for one summer, one semester, or even a full year. Some countries that students study abroad in include the UK, Italy, Australia, Spain, Ireland, and Greece. That is not even a third of the countries you could go to!

Sarah Forbes, an ESOL teacher, studied abroad in Ecuador for five months when she was in graduate school at Kennesaw State University. Forbes commented, “The country of Ecuador was beautiful and each week my classmates and I would go on excursions to see the country. I learned a lot about the culture of the native people and about the colonization of the country.”

A study abroad website says it best: “Perhaps one of the best ways to experience culture is to live it, which is exactly what you’ll be doing as a study abroad student. Aside from gaining an understanding for cultures other than your own, you will also gain intangible skills. Independence, time management, organization, social skills and self-confidence will all develop exponentially while you’re abroad.”

“My study abroad experience added depth to my education because it allowed me to experience another perspective of life. Additionally, because of the program, I now have a global learning certificate. It has forever changed how I see the world,” said Forbes.

The top 10 reasons people normally tell you to go abroad include: making your resume stand out, discovering a new country, receiving academic credit, expanding your global network, improving your language skills, gaining confidence, proving you can take the initiative, developing a global perspective and understanding, learning about yourself, and getting an experience that you will never forget.

Varda Sauer, Mentorship Teacher, studied abroad in Israel for a year at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. “Experiencing more than one school was very different being in another country, another culture, and another language,” said Sauer. “Being that far away from home prior to cell phones, email, etc., made me mature very quickly. It was an amazing experience being able to see cultural differences within education and population.”

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