Voice of North Springs: Renovations

If you could chose one part of the school to renovate after the front entrance, where or what would it be?

Max Kamean (Sophomore):


Sophomore Max Kamean

“The bathrooms could use some work. The toilets need to be replaced because they aren’t all in proper working condition. Also new soap dispensers should be installed because the ones we have now are not good.”



Julia Rosenthal (Sophomore):


Sophomore Julia Rosenthal


“The art basement should be renovated next. We’re an art school so we should have an updated newer art basement. More essentials like art supplies and new/more sinks should be added.”


Quinn Daughtry (Senior):


Senior Quinn Daughtry




“I would chose to redo the back field. We practice there and there’s no grass. It’s just dirt, rocks and we get shin splints.”



Chris Kelley (Junior):

“The weight room needs some renovations. It needs new equipment. The equipment we have now is old, outdated, and dirty.”


Junior Chris Kelley






Halle Busby (Sophomore):

“I would like to see the back field renovated. I use it for soccer and it is not well maintained. It is muddy all the time and there is a lot of trash back there and the goals are tied to trees.


Sophomore Halle Busby







Khady T. (a custodian):


Custodian Khady T

“The outside football field concession stand bathroom needs work. The floors are old and it’s outdated and not clean. It takes a lot of maintenance to keep it clean. They updated the baseball and softball bathrooms so we should do the footballs bathrooms next.


Omari Montgomery (Junior):


Junior Omari Montgomery







“The aux gym needs to be renovated. The bleachers aren’t sturdy, people have fallen through them. The floor is dirty and dusty.”





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