Adventure in real time with Dylan Gardner

Seventeen year old singer, songwriter, and producer Dylan Gardner released his first album “Adventures in Real Time” on May 13, 2014.

joiya-dylan gardner 2

Gardner uses his music to capture people’s interest. His music stems from rock, contemporary, and indie music groups like The Beatles, Vampire Weekend, and Foster the People. Gardner’s album “Adventure in Real Time” is an extraordinary blend of pop, rock, and indie music styles that match Gardner’s own personal tastes.

His songs have the ability to take his listeners into a time where artists like The Beatles expressed themselves in new and entertaining ways while also giving them a glimpse of more modern styles of music.

Along with a dynamic mix of modern and a sixties styled beats and rhythms, Gardner’s voice also add to the original style his songs have to offer. Gardner’s singing voice is similar to that of singers like Sam Hales of indie rock pop group the Jungle Giants, and his energetic melody matches that of newer groups such as Echosmith.

Gardner has succeeded in creating an album that could make anyone tap their feet, or bob their head along with the beat. Songs like “Let’s Get Started” are lively enough to be played in the background to make tedious activities more enjoyable while songs like “The Actor” create a more mellow and calming mood. Whatever mood you are in, this album has the perfect song for you.

Equipt with his guitar and stellar voice, Dylan Gardner has definitely made his own mark on the music world.