Some parents angry with Fulton Schools

Students and parents alike were outraged at Fulton County Schools’ decision to not cancel school on February 24.

The day began with sticking snow – the first of the season. However, school was neither called off nor delayed for North Springs students.

2 miles down the road lay the Weber School. Their school was delayed for two hours. That is two hours more than North Springs.

“It’s insane,” said an anonymous North Springs tenth grader. “Why would they cancel school last Friday for cold and not today for snow? Don’t they remember last year?”

Last year, Atlanta faced Snowpacolypse. A massive snowstorm swept through the Atlanta area, stranding many on the roads and shutting down Atlanta. School was not cancelled, but let out early. Students ended up sleeping at the school, or even stranded all night on buses. Not just at North Springs but also at Sandy Springs Middle School, Ridgeview Middle School and Riverwood High School.

Fulton county is playing with fire, and soon it might get burned.