Welcoming a new administrator to North Springs

There has been a lot of curiosity at North Springs about the new administrator who has been walking around the halls and sitting in the classrooms with a paper and a pen. They want to know who is he and where he came from.

For the last month, North Springs has been joined by the new assistant principal Kevin Rogers; he was brought here to fill the position of Dr. Skidmore.

Rogers grew up in east Tennessee, his first college he attended for his undergraduate degree was at Emory Henry college in Virginia. He then went to Tennessee Tech for his Masters Degree, and then Jacksonville State in Alabama for his Specialist degree.


Previously before coming to North Springs, he was as assistant principal at Lakeside High School in Dekalb County and an assistant principal in Rockdale county.

When asked if there was anything he would change about North Springs, he responded,  “not really, I think it’s a good school, there’s a lot of good students, think Dr.Ruiz has a good vision.”

I asked Rogers what he does here, “I am the assistant principal, I do a lot, right now I am just trying to learning the kids, but the biggest thing I do is evaluating the teachers and making sure the students are engaged and that teachers are teaching good strategies from bell to bell.”

Rogers says that he likes that everyone has been really nice and polite to him. By the reaction of the students, it is clear that he shows a lot of authority toward the kids. “If you’re doing wrong I’ll correct you because that’s my job: to make sure kids are doing the right thing, so they can go off and be successful. I like to see you guys graduate and do big things.”

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