Less Pep says North Springs Students

“I hate going to those things, they are so boring and just a waste of time. I would rather study.”

This comment made by Sarah Reid, a sophomore, is referring to school pep rallies. Traditionally, they are supposed to be an exciting, looked forward to, and after-school event but instead they adequately demonstrate the saying that “traditions were made to be broken.”

Some students do enjoy pep rallies. “Why would someone hate pep rallies, they’re just a fun way to pump up school spirit,” says Bayete Chinwendu, a junior at North Springs. Many students feel the opposite way though.

Many students feel that pep rallies are simply “lame.” “They are just not fun. I feel like I spend more time watching them trying to put it together than actually doing it,” says Selena Todd, a junior.

From interviews and general conversations about pep rallies, it was found that most students do not enjoy them because they are not well executed. They feel that the activities presented are unentertaining as well as unorganized. For instance, at the most recent winter sports pep rally on January 30th, many felt that the hot dog eating challenge took too long and was almost awkward to watch.

The one assured thing that seems to raise any excitement for a pep rally is that the school day is cut an hour and a half short for the big event. Classes are shortened to thirty-six minutes to ensure that there will be enough time for the pep rally at the end of the day.

A few students questioned why pep have to be in school anyway. Why should students have to be forced into school spirit, should they not have a say in the matter?

After speaking with several school officials, it was concluded that having pep rallies in school are the best choice because asking students to stay after school would force them into staying all the way until the game. They also say that it is a good way to boost necessary school spirit.

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