Spring play preview: 9 to 5

The North Springs drama department recently announced their Spring musical will be the musical 9 to 5, opening March 19th. The play will run for two weekends, ending on March 28th.

9 to 5 is a comedy written by Dolly Parton which is centered around a trio of women working in an office for a misogynistic boss. The ladies become fed up with their poor treatment and decide to teach their boss a lesson.

The musical version of 9 to 5 is very different from more recent plays North Springs has been putting on lately. “9 to 5 is different from Ruthless, which was more small cast and small dance numbers. 9 to 5 has crazy dancing and singing numbers, as well as a dark but hilarious storyline,” said senior Shay Holihan, who is the stage manager for the play.

Auditions for the Spring musical were held on the week of January 25th. Vocal and dance auditions were separate, and students were chosen based on who was most talented in both art forms. What truly makes this show special is not the singing, dancing, or storyline, it is the final product. “I can’t choose a favorite part of the musical. I like when everything comes together to create one rather extravagant show,” says Holihan.

North Springs is well known around town for its drama performances, which will make it hard for 9 to 5 to truly impress a huge audience. “I do think this play will live up to peoples’ expectations. It has well written music, and the vocal ensemble has a lot of complex parts our chorus department can excel in,” said North Springs chorus teacher William Craven, who is the play’s musical director.

Anyone familiar with the 9 to 5 storyline will be satisfied with the lack of changes to the original script. The drama department was not allowed to make any changes to the script or the musical numbers, enforced by law and contract.

The drama department will be submitting the play to be nominated for a Schuller Hensley Award for High School Excellence. The mission for the Schuller Hensley foundations is to recognize and promote excellence in high school musical theatre through a high-profile event designed to raise the public’s awareness of the value of the arts in educating students.

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