Spring Break on a Budget

Spring Break is right around the corner, but going to the beach is not always the most fun or affordable. There are many fun things that you can do locally, that are just as fun! Especially when you live in a very known and popular city like Atlanta, there is always something fun going on.

Spring break is all about having fun with your family or your friends. In Atlanta, there are so many ways to have fun with your family. For example, Atlanta has the largest aquarium in North America. The aquarium is where you can see the world’s largest fish, the whale shark, as well as belugas, dolphin, otters and more. Atlanta also has the World of Coke, which gives you a deeper look at how Coca-Cola really works, and also you get to try every flavor invented. Atlanta also has Stone Mountain Park, which is the most visited attraction in all of Atlanta. There is something for everyone to enjoy: including hiking, biking and jogging trails. During the warmer months, they offer golf, a ropes course, or a movie that is projected onto the mountain. During the winter, Stone Mountain transforms into “Snow Mountain” where one can experience snow tubing. Another fun activity is going to the Botanical Gardens. There one can experience the beautiful gardens and one of the greatest light shows ever during Christmas!

Spring break is also something to share with your friends. In Atlanta there are so many opportunities to go out and have fun with your friends! Centennial Olympic Parks never seems to fail. It offers the newest attraction in Atlanta: the Ferris Wheel! At the top of the Ferris Wheel, one can see all of downtown Atlanta. Also, there are some really cool and exciting restaurants around that area. Another fun activity to do with friends is going to Six Flags over Georgia. It offers high-speed roller coasters and water attractions, plus kids’ rides. Something else that is popular for teens is going downtown to the Fox Theatre to see a show. Spring break isn’t always about going to the coolest beaches or going out of the country; you can always make it fun and affordable in your home town!

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