How to make your prom night special


Many of us have been waiting 12 years for this moment to come, it is approaching quickly! What is it you ask? PROM!

For some of us it is a first experience, but for us seniors it is our going-out party to an awesome four years of high school. It is the time for fun, laughter, wild, and obnoxious behavior… but not too obnoxious.

Prom is not just a school dance, it is THE dance, it is a tradition. It is the night where young men and women come dressed in their best and most extravagant gowns and tuxedos.

An event like this takes months to prepare for, from things you plan to do to what you want to wear. Here are a few prom suggestions to make your night one to remember.


  1. Secure a date. Not just anyone, someone well put together. A person who is fun, outgoing or simply special to you. it could be your best friend or a group of friends.

  2. Decide the perfect color for the both of you so that you match, it has to be on point.

  3. As the guy you must choose the perfect flowered wrist corsage to go with your dates dress.

  4. As the girl you must choose the perfect boutonniere which is placed at the top left of your dates tux.

  5. Get the perfect ride, whether it is a rental car, limo, or even the party bus with a group of friends.

  6. Dance, dance, dance. Dance the night away !

  7. Take lots of photos, you want to remember this moment .

  8. LAUGH, no matter how hard something is or someone upsets, you laugh, you don’t waste a night like this being sad.

  9. Rent a hotel overnight to prevent driving home late; a place where you and your closest friends can stay.

  10. Most of all HAVE FUN!!!!!


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