Students Opinions on Renvotations

When students saw the new entrance of North Springs, they were surprised to see it finally completed after eight long months. Students were relieved to go through the front doors after over half a year of entering and exiting through the side doors and the gym.

“I think the new entrance is a really good addition to our school because it makes our school look more accessible, open and welcoming. I think that the new front desk is easier for parents and visitors to visit our school and it is an all around good attribution to North Springs. Its beneficial to me as a student because I will be able to enter and exit the building quicker and be on time to class in the morning. I do not think that the new entrance affected me negatively in any way. All I can see from this is positivity,” said sophomore Emma Edmonson.

Many North Springs students have a positive outlook on the renovation, although some do not.

“I don’t think that we should have changed the front entrance. I think it was fine as it was before. I think that we could use the money in better ways like changing the tennis courts, and maybe improving the football field and the stands,” said freshman Ari Levin.

“I think that the front entrance construction was a waste of money because the money spent could have better benefited students,” said an anonymous junior.

When The Oracle surveyed ten students, they were split in their beliefs. Five students said that they supported the construction while another five said that they were against it. Many said that it is a safer addition to the building while others said it looks nice but was a waste of money and time.


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