Scheduling, scheduling, scheduling

Today, many juniors and seniors enjoy the advantage of having enough credits in high school, so they get periods off and are able to go home earlier or come to school later.

Reduced scheduling is when a student has fewer classes than their peers due to Dual Enrollment courses, Work Based Learning, Internship/Mentorship, or has met all credit requirements.

Unfortunately, for the upcoming upperclassmen, this opportunity will no longer be available, unless you are taking a dual enrollment course, Work based learning, or mentorship/internship class.

“We would like to see students take advantage of college and career opportunities while in high school,” commented Assistant Principal Ms. Kimbrel, on the reason for this change.

Faculty has yet to say what other options, such as electives, there are for students to have a full schedule, but they are “looking at all our course offerings and adjusting as needed,” said Kimbrel.

So, even if someone has met all of the credit requirements for graduation (26 for North Springs, 23 for Fulton County and the State of Georgia), they will not be allowed to go home early and not have a 7th period, for example.

“Without a reduced schedule, I would have to add an additional class to fill the 7 class requirement even though I have more than the required credits to graduate,” said senior Campbell Viersen.

Students will only be allowed to leave campus if they are taking a work based learning class, such as an internship, or a dual enrollment class, meaning that the student is taking a class at a college, such as Georgia Perimeter College.

However, Viersen mentioned that with reduced scheduling, she now has the experience of balancing work and school, to help her prep for college life.

Many students are very upset about this switch for next year. Senior Hallie Oppenheimer had the opportunity to not have a first or seventh period because she met the credit requirements to graduate.

Hallie commented, “Applying to college took a lot of time so by leaving early from school, I was able to meet with my college counselor more often and spend more time on applications.”

Reduced scheduling also allows people to have more opportunities to do things outside of school, like going to a job. Viersen loves reduced scheduling because she leaves school every day after 4th period to get some homework done before she goes to her job at the JCC where she teaches swim lessons, lifeguards, and assistant coaches the swim team.

“I think it benefits me in that it gives me a chance to get homework done before I go to work or provides a few extra hours for me to run errands, sleep, and schedule appointments that would normally take up the school day,” said Campbell.

What do you think about the change? Comment below!


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