North Springs needs student parking signs

I believe that parking violations are an issue at North Springs. What is this issue that I am referring to? The issue of guests parking in students’ paid and earned parking spots. Over the summer going into my junior year, I applied for a parking pass, paid for one, and in August I received my spot.

Nearly every week, there is at least one parent or guest that parks in my personal spot. I know that it is not just me whose spot gets taken. “My spot gets taken once or twice a month at minimum”, commented one junior who wanted to remain anonymous, “I think that guests/parents really should respect the students and not park in our spots.” I agree wholeheartedly with this junior. The problem though is that many parents or guests would have no way to know that these spots are not for anyone.

What does North Springs need to do about this issue? Spend a small amount of money and install a few signs around the student lots indicating that this is student, reserved parking. As a result of people in my spot, I sometimes become late to class after having to speak to the school resource officer about someone being in my spot. If there was some sign indicating that it is reserved parking, these weekly inconveniences would disappear.

The time is now for North Springs to invest a small amount of money in improving students’ situation in the morning.

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