Is there enough student involvement in the variety of North Springs’ clubs?

North Springs has a host of various clubs that excel in a gamut of things. Clubs do their best in creating opportunities for the study body to get involved with fundraisers and other events occurring during the school year.

Some of the most popular clubs include HOSA, FBLA, BETA Club, UNICEF, and SGA. Each club hosts a variety of fundraisers and activities to encourage student involvement.

North Springs’ valedictorian Madhu Baskaran is a member of HOSA, UNICEF, BETA Club and SGA and holds officer positions in all clubs. “I’m always doing something for SGA whether its planning for a pep rally or with HOSA doing a blood drive or UNICEF planning a different kind of drive that we can do to help kids,” says Baskaran. Her involvement in the school is based on the activities that take place during the school day. Because of her position and membership in each club, Baskaran considers herself an active participant inside the school.

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Outside the members of her specific clubs, Baskaran talks about the involvement non-club members have inside the school. “We have a lot of student involvement based on their interest.”

Majority of the time, students that take time to get involved in the clubs are actual members of the club or participate in a club of their own. Other students that are not generally involved in the club will have a more difficult time involving themselves with club activities.

“In general, a lot of the kids who are involved are already officers or something from another club which makes it a little difficult for other students to get involved in the club,” says Baskaran.

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Junior Andrew Feld also talks about students involvement in regards to his clubs, National Honors Society, HOSA, Science Bowl, and Science Olympiad. “Actually I don’t think there is [a lot of student involvement with my clubs],” says Feld. “Most kids stick to the sphere of their interest they don’t really explore to see what they may like.”

However, students can find a way to involve themselves in North Springs without being in a specific club. Mr. Patterson’s business class was giving the opportunity to create a business and promote their business inside the school. They started a juice business named “The Juice Joint”.

The Juice Joint was created and developed by a few of Mr. Patterson’s students. The students sell their products during lunch time and keep the profits for themselves.

In the same way that the owners of the Juice Joint created an opportunity for themselves and other students to find interest in North Springs activities, other students can create clubs themselves.

Madhu Baskaran makes a good point in saying that “North Springs does a really good job of having and providing students with the ability to do what they want. If they want to start a club they can totally start a club.”

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