Spartan students from around the world

Besides the foreign exchange students, there are many students at North Springs Charter High School that were not born in the United States. The countries that these students are from are surprisingly exotic. We have students from Brazil, Zimbabwe, Korea, The Ivory Coast, and many other places.

Tinashe Chitiyo, 11th grade, was born in Zimbabwe and moved here as a very young child. Though she has very few memories, some things she does know about cultural differences between here and Zimbabwe have been reinforced by her parents. “Parents in Zimbabwe are more trusting of their kids. Little kids, like 6 years old are allowed to walk around outside alone and go wherever they want to go, because the environment is so different. There’s not a lot of crime and everyone knows everyone.” In addition to this parenting is also, in a way, the whole neighborhood’s job. “Kids will walk to a house ten blocks away and that family will feed them. The neighborhood is kind of like a big family.”

Letticia Veira (10th grade) is a student here at North Springs who is originally from Brazil. Brazil is a very impoverished country with issues involving the environment, economy, government and crime. “In America it’s much easier to make a living and take care of yourself and family. In Brazil so many people are poor, and its so much harder to make a living.”

Azia Gnahore (11th grade) is from Ivory Coast and thinks being here is a blessing. “ Its very easy to [get] to school. In Ivory Coast you have to walk everywhere. Also if you don’t study, if you don’t work hard the teachers will beat you. but here they don’t really do anything but help you. The teachers care for you.” Teachers in America are here to “protect you and be there whenever you need help”.

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