Instant Reaction: Patriots take the Super Bowl XLIX

Sunday Night Football turned into Super Bowl Sunday as the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks faced off for the 49th Super Bowl.

Both teams met at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona. While Russell Wilson and the Seahawks were considered the underdogs, that did not stop them from giving Tom Brady and the Patriots a run for their money.

At the end of the first quarter, the score was zero to zero. But the quarter did not end until Tom Brady put the ball back into the Seahawks’ hands with an unbelievable interception. Russell Wilson came back on the field hoping to score the first touchdown of the game.

At the start of the second quarter, Brady had the ball once again. The Patriots, who were already dominating the game, scored the first touchdown. Brandon LaFell scored an 11 yard touchdown against the Seattle Seahawks, giving the Patriots a 7-0 lead.

With Russell back on the field, the Seahawks managed to tie the game with a touchdown from Marshawn Lynch.

The second quarter dwindled down into seconds and both Brady and Wilson were at a standstill for touchdowns. When it seems like the first half is going to end in a tie, Brady threw a touchdown pass to number 87, Rob Gronkowski.

Thirty seconds left in the first half and the ball was in Russell’s hands. With two passes to numbers 22—Robert Turbin—and 83—Ricardo Lockette, Russell was able to put his team into field goal range.

With six seconds left on the clock, the Seahawks decide to make one more play. This one play could be the “key to the game,” said one Seahawks fan.

Ball snaps and Russell threw it in the end zone to number 13, Chris Matthews. Coach Pete Carroll calls a very risky and important play allowing the Seahawks to tie up the game.

It is, as announcer Cris Collinsworth says, “one of those games.”

At the start of the third quarter, Seahawks’ kicker Steven Hauschka made a 27 yard field goal giving the Seahawks a three point lead. The score became 17 to 14.

The Patriots got the ball back and managed to get a third down conversion with a pass to Gronkowski. However, Brady threw another interception during their possession. Seattle player number 54 Bobby Wagner makes a great interception and put Wilson back on the field.

The Seahawks set up a first and goal after Russell passed the ball to number 24 Marshawn Lynch. Second and goal and Wilson passed to undefended player Doug Baldwin. Their lead increases to ten points.

Now it is up to Tom Brady to put the Patriots back on the board. Brady made a complete pass to number 11, Julian Edelman but it was taken back by a holding penalty from number 66 Bryan Stork of the offensive line. Another completed pass to Julian Edelman set up third down and nine yards to go. After a block from a Seahawks’ lineman, the Patriots are forced to send in their punt team and Brady, yet again, walked off the field without a touchdown.

Russell Wilson starts the next drive with a great pass to Lockette. Showing off his arm strength, Wilson throws a long pass to number 15, Jermaine Kearse, but coverage from the Patriots’ defense results in an incomplete pass and a punt.

Brady maintains possession until the end of the third quarter. Going into the fourth and final quarter, the score reads 24 to 14.

Brady is once again one and off the field at the start of the fourth quarter. The Seattle defense is making plenty of opportunities for their quarterback to get as much field time as possible.

The Patriots’ defense finally puts some pressure on the young quarterback and number 50, Rob Ninkovich, sacks Russell Wilson forcing another Seattle punt.

At the start of their drive, Brady is sacked by Bruce Irvin making it second down and 18. Another third down conversion pass to Edelman puts Brady in an opportune first down and ten situation, however great coverage from Seahawk player Tharold Simon sends the Patriots into second and ten.

Brady gets the third down conversion he needs with a pass to Edelman and sets up an important first and goal. Incomplete pass to Julian Edelman and complete pass to number 80, Danny Amendola finally puts the Patriots back on the board. The Patriots decrease the Seahawks lead to three points after the field.

A sneaky trip from Malcolm Butler prevents Wilson from getting a first down and ten on his first play. Wilson finds no luck on the next plays and the Seahawks’ drive ends as soon as it starts.

Brady succeeds in bringing his team up the field with passes to Gronkowski and Shane Vereen. A pass to LaFell brings the Patriots to first and goal with less than three minutes left. Number 29, LeGarrette Blount brings New England to the three year line for second and goal. A pass to Julian Edelman gives the Patriots a four point lead as the two minute warning approaches.

Straight away, Wilson made a complete pass to Marshawn Lynch for a gain of thirty one yards and the game reached two minutes. Brady holds his head down unable to watch Russell Wilson make his plays. In an incredible play, Wilson throws to number 15 Jermaine Kearse but the ball is deflected by number 21 Malcolm Butler. The ball is caught by Kearse after it bounces off of his leg and arm. This play sets up first and goal for the Seahawks at one minute.

Second and goal, less than a minute left and Wilson threw an interception to Malcolm Butler. The fans erupted as Wilson walks off of the field full of disbelief.

Michael Bennett of the Seahawks jump off-sides ruining any chance of getting two points from safety. A major fight breaks out between the Patriots’ and Seahawks’ linemen with 18 seconds left.

The personal foul from “instigator number 51” gets Seahawks’ player Bruce Irvin ejected from the game.

Tom Brady takes a knee and the time winds down.

The New England Patriots win the 49th Super Bowl, their first Super Bowl win in ten years.