Do you want to build a snowman? Fulton County Weather Preparedness Edition!

“Do you wanna build a snowman?” many people sung over and over (and over and over) to their friends during the snowpocalypse of 2014.

Everyone probably remembers having to drive one hour, two hours, or maybe even seven hours home for a drive that should have taken 15 minutes. Or, you might have been one of those unfortunate that had to stay overnight at school until their parents could get to them.

Either way, it was miserable trying to get home once the snow started falling and we were all still in school last February.

Senior Hayley Katzenstein said, “I was one of the first ones let out of school last year, and it was scary to drive home in the snow. However, I do not think that North Springs could have done anything different than what they already did. It was smart of them to keep kids overnight for their safety.”

This year, should it snow again, Fulton County Schools assures us that they will be prepared. The Board of Education reviewed emergency closure procedures on December 9 and created a new policy and procedure to handle different weather scenarios such as, “delayed start, early dismissal and district closing,” states the Fulton County Schools website.

Assistant principal Ms. Kimbrel stated, “We have learned many things from last year, the first being that students on medications will need to make sure that we have updated information and prescriptions on hand for such events. We also have different procedures for getting students out of the building in time and a procedure for those that will have to stay. I am sure that the district will be much more proactive when it comes to ice conditions this year.”


The superintendent will make a decision about school closings as early as possible. “The Superintendent’s decision will be based on a combination of factors which may include transportation, condition of various facilities, weather forecasts and road conditions,” states the new procedure guidelines on the Fulton County Schools page.

Some key information from the website includes: In the event of a delayed start, buses will still pick up kids, just two hours later. In the event of early dismissal, high schoolers will be released before middle/elementary school kids to allow older kids to be available to their younger siblings. In the event that school gets cancelled, all after school activities will also be cancelled.

Live Weather Blogs is predicting that there will be temperatures above average for the rest of January but a possible major snowstorm in February. However, other weather services are not predicting any snow for Georgia this year. This winter will be very unpredictable.

If there are snow days this year, “There are days built into our school calendar as make up days. If we exceed those, then the district can decide to extend the school year or they can ask the state to forgive those dates,” says assistant principal Ms. Kimbrel.

Need a tip? Hayley Katzenstein tells us, “My dad always said, when it gets cold, never have less than half a tank of gas.”

To see more information about weather updates, visit

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