Deconstruction at the Springs

North Springs Art and Science Magnet recently participated in a world wide project called, Deconstruction. Deconstruction is about taking objects apart, making adjustments, and then putting your own twist to it. It is a 48 hour collaborative competition, and has the objective of challenging the competitors to rethink the world in a whole new way, and bring people from around the world together to create and inspire.

This year North Springs had the opportunity to participate in Deconstruction. And not only did they participate, they internationally won first place. The final winning product, resembled a large-scale Etch A Sketch art machine, which rethinks the ideas of art, mechanics and human interaction. For winning the competition, North Springs was granted a 3-D laser printer.

Senior Jessica Walsh commented, “Well, an important part of my experience was coming up with the idea itself. All of the science kids wanted to build cars (which sounds cool) but that wasn’t going to win because it wasn’t innovative enough. Our idea for the creation ended up being a machine that combined art and science magnet students. The machine we created used science like the pulley system and wheels to make art. It was supposed to be a life size etch-a-sketch. Its like a graffiti machine.”

Click here to watch the video.

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