J Cole 2014 Forrest Hills Drive

j-cole-2014-forest-hills-drive-main1J Cole 2014 Forrest Hill Drive

On December 9th the artist formally known as J Cole released his third album named 2014 Forest Hills Drive which was the address where he grew up in North Carolina. This personally is my favorite album by J Cole. The album was released by surprise nobody saw this coming but thankfully it came.

The album has no features at all. J Cole takes you through his years through high school. One of my favorite songs off of 2014 Forrest Hills Drive is “ Wet Dreamz”. He talks about how he met this girl in high school and eventually lost his virginity to her. He takes us through the story giving us every single detail. J Cole tells us how he tried to play it cool and act like the cool guy that we all wanted to be as a younger kid. The production of the song which was done by him gives the song the perfect backbone.

Another song that is amazing off this album is “03’ Adolescence”. He gives us an inside look of his North Carolina neighborhood, Fayetteville, North Carolina where he found his love of rapping and to stay out of trouble. One of the most interesting parts of this song is where he tells us about a conversation he had with one of his older friends who were involved in selling drugs who lead J Cole on the right path to stay away from bad things in his neighborhood.

The best song on the album to me is “ Love Yourz” he speaks on fully understanding what he has been granted with throughout the past few years and even when he was in high school. He made you really think about the things you have gotten and the things your parents or whoever takes care of you has done for you throughout your life. The production of “ Love Yourz” just flows so beautifully which definitely helped set the tone.

I give this album a five out of five and really do believe it is the best rap album of 2014. Hopefully we hear more detailed stories from J Cole in the future music really needs it.

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