Getting involved In the community

As the weather cools down, the need for a nice cozy blanket and a warm meal heats up. Each year, there are approximately 2,100 homeless people in Greater Atlanta. During the holidays there are so many people who don’t have a table filled with family members and a hot Thanksgiving meal to enjoy. Giving back to your community is so important and your simple act of kindness could help in ways bigger than you imagine. Money isn’t the only thing you can donate, things you could find around your house like blankets, soups, dry foods, old coats, and toiletries are some of the easiest ways to help out the less fortunate.

A club at North Springs called 21st Century Leaders is currently running a book drive in association with an organization called “Books for Africa”. Book for Africa is an organization based in Atlanta that collects books from all over the United States and sorts and sends them to Africa. The drive is 3 weeks long and last year alone North Springs collected over 600 books. Books for all ages are accepted. For the past two years on community day, the 21st Century Leaders club has gone to the Books for Africa wearhouse to help sort books.

There are numerous programs in the community that you, your family and your friends can get involved in. Whether it’s delivering meals to the elderly, volunteering in the soup kitchen, handing out supplies to the homeless or building houses in the community every effort makes a difference. Local churches are always looking for helping hands to simply volunteer their time and prepare food or go out and give hot coffee and food to the homeless people.

“I volunteer with my church, Mount Vernon Presbyterian, and we basically meet at the church in the morning and cook biscuits and coffee and gather together hygiene kits and then we drive to downtown Atlanta and hand them out in a parking lot to the homeless”, said senior Paige Earhart.

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