Cirque de Soliel review

Cirque de Soleil, a French-Canadian circus, came to Atlanta recently. Opening night was Friday October 3rd. The new show they are premiering is called Ameluna.

The show began outside, where people could take a picture with one of the performers, a lady on stilts wearing a blue dress. From there, people walked into the theatre area, sat, and waited for the performance to start.

A woman walked out in a yellow dress. She spoke with a ridiculous German accent. She introduced herself as the nanny of the girl, Miranda, and told us Miranda is celebrating her coming of age, and that another, anthropomorphic lizard would be there too.

The show progressed on with tumblers, and twirlers, who took ropes with lights on the end. The lights spinning around was a pretty sight to see. They flashed red and blue and green. The first half culminated in a lights show involving the anthropomorphic lizard and a castaway, who has fallen in love with Miranda.

During the intermission, popcorn and soda could be acquired.

During the second half, there were several shenanigans by the clowns, including a skit in which they took a man from the audience and had him do crazy things in front of us. More adventures followed, with the lizard continually following Miranda and battling the castaway. It culminated in a finish nobody could forget, with a combination of almost all the acts together.
This was a five out of five star rating show, and one of the best show by Cirque de Soliel that I have seen.