Ask the Oracle

Dear Oracle,

I really enjoy hanging out with my friends, but lately they have been doing drugs and want me to try it. What do I do? My friends mean a lot to me, and I do not want to lose them due to difference in values.


Ask the oracle

It is natural to want to fit in with friends. After all, nobody likes to stand out for the wrong reasons. We want respect and to feel that we belong with the crowd. Having friends we can lean on helps us build self-confidence and grow as individuals. Throw drugs into the mix and it is easy to see how many of us are faced with a difficult problem.

When it comes to drugs, it is not easy to pass up an offer from friends without a few raised eyebrows. Fact is nobody should have to defend a decision not to take drugs. Whether you have a personal commitment to clean living, or just do not fancy it this time around, your choices are up to you, it is your business.

Finding out about different types of drugs, their effects, and risks involved, can help you to repel any pressure and make a practical choice. As you understand more about drugs, you will have a strong sense of self-assurance when it comes to making decisions you can stand by.

When it comes to deciding whether to try drugs, be sure to take responsibility for your safety first. Even if you are hassled by friends because you choose not to get involved, they will take in the fact that you clearly know yourself and what you want. It is better than just going for it because your friends say you should.

Anonymous I hope the advice helps with your situation. Just remember, it is up to you to do anything you want. It is up to you to take the step that will change your life. Be smart and safe, and call on the Oracle!

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