NCAA College Football Playoffs

This year the post season of college football will be played a bit differently. The NCAA has added a playoffs system that will contain four teams that will get a chance for the newly made college football championship.

 The new postseason format has been in discussion since the early 2000’s when big schools like teams from the southeastern conference known as the SEC. After years if discussion of what the NCAA should do with the college football postseason the board finally decided to add a playoffs system. Senior, Eric Bryant, 18 said “ I personally do not like the way the college football playoffs are set up because of how short it will be and how the addition of the playoffs will take away all the other bowl games.” Also Senior, Devon Straughn, 19 said “ I think it is a good system and it pushes all the teams to strive for the perfect season”.

Some people think the addition of playoffs to college football is a great decision because it gives teams that would not be given a chance at the championship game. But I believe this new addition is a bad idea. Not because it gives new teams a chance at the big game but because it only allows four teams a chance in the playoffs. If the playoffs gave a bigger opportunity to around 12 teams I think it would be more entertaining.

 On December the seventh we got our first taste of how the college playoffs will be played when the four teams were decided. The four teams decided were the Ohio State Buckeyes, University of Alabama, Florida State University and University of Oregon. The semifinal games of the playoffs will take place on January 1st, 2015. Number 3 Florida State will take on number 2 Oregon while number 1 takes on number 4 Ohio State.

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