President Obama’s new executive order comes to action

There has been a lot of misconception over the recent executive order by President Obama that was recently announced. Many people believe that this new order is amnesty for undocumented immigrants. Others think that these immigrants will be granted automatic citizenship.

Obama is doing something that is called “deferred action.” This offers protection from deportation for a certain time frame. In this case, the time frame is only three years. These illegal immigrants are being offered work permits, which mean they are allowing people to work legally in the United States. That only applies to people who received deferred action. This does not mean that they are automatically legal US citizens.

The executive branch can decide who and who shouldn’t be deported. Congress gets to decide their legal status, which means specific things in immigration law.

Legal status is a lot harder to get taken away, rather than deferred action.

During his speech, Obama remarked, “Together we can build a fair, effective and common sense immigration system that lives up to our heritage as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants”

Obamas actions will provide undocumented immigrants a legal way to earn citizenship so that they can come out of the “shadows.” It holds them accountable by requiring past background checks, pay taxes and a penalty, go to the back of the line, and learn English. It makes sure that everyone plays by the same rules.

North Springs students have a wide range of perspectives on the executive order by President Obama. One student commented anonymously, “Yes, it was a good idea for executive action, because the congress is not willing to help Obama pass reform that has been needed. Executive action is perfectly legal and in this case it was needed.”

Another student commented anonymously, “I think that it is wrong for Obama to supersede congress because it is the role of congress to make rule about immigration, not the President, he overstepped his boundaries.”

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