The Big Decision

Everything in high school revolves around college. As we prepare our grades, extracurriculars, and volunteer hours to be college application ready, we also begin to develop the things we look for in a college. Here are the top 7 things you should consider when looking into colleges.

1.Admission requirements. Are there certain courses or grades you need to have just to be considered. Even if there aren’t any you should research the types of courses that their accepted applicants usually have taken.
2.Size. Do you want to attend a large school where you are simply a “little fish in a big ocean” or a smaller more intimate school where more people know one another.
3. SAT/ACT Median. Knowing the average SAT/ACT score can help you set more precise goals for what range you want to score in when taking the exams.
4. Majors offered. All schools don’t offer the same majors. There are some cases where they’ll offer an area of study as a minor instead of a major.
Find out what their offered majors are so you won’t waste time with a school that can not cater to the are of study you’re seeking.
5. Financial Aid. Some colleges offer more than others, so if you are in need of major financial aid be sure to know how much your perspective school can offer you.

  1. Sports. This is especially important if you are a serious athlete and plan to continue playing at the collegiate level. Be sure to know whether or not your school offers the sport you play.

  2. Interviews. Interviews can play a major part in your admission into a school. Some colleges may not offer interviews in your area. This is especially important if you plan on applying to more prestigious schools.
    If your grades aren’t up to par and you feel that your admission depends on an interview, weigh whether or not you want to apply.

Senior Taylor Owens, a senior, says that,”What I really look at is how strong their program is for the subject I want to major in.”

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