Cultural spotlight: what do various cultures celebrate in December

The most celebrated holiday in December is Christmas, but December is a month full of various holidays celebrated by different cultures.

Unfortunately, not everyone is exposed and well versed in the holidays different cultures celebrate throughout the year.

Americans spend the month of December preparing for Christmas by spending millions of dollars for Christmas shopping, and spreading holiday cheer throughout their neighborhood.

Since the focus of December is Christmas, there is little to no recognition of other holidays that varying cultures celebrate during this festive month.

For other cultures, Christmas is not considered a national holiday. In Japanese culture, Christmas is celebrated over the course of two days but generally it is celebrated on December 24th, the day Christmas Eve is celebrated in the United States.

Brazilian culture, a very much catholic based cultural group, celebrates Christmas over the course of two days like Japan.

On the 24th, Brazilian families will exchange presents from other family members. After a dinner and the exchanging of gifts, they attend mast that night.

On the 25th, the children receive their presents from Santa Claus, with the name in Brazilian being Papai Noel.

Another well-known December holiday with religious connotation is called Hanukkah. Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that has existed for hundreds of years, and is celebrated over the course of eight days remembering the Greek oppression of Jews thousands of years ago and celebrating a Jewish victory.

Children usually receive small gifts and the families light eightcandles every night.

In Chinese culture, Thanksgiving is celebrated during the month of December. Chinese Thanksgiving generally falls between 21st and 23rd.

Other important and little understood ethnic groups in the United States include the Cherokee, Navajo, Sioux and many more tribes. As important as these ethnic groups are to American history, most Americans know very little about their traditions and cultures.

In the United States, there are 576 tribes. In December the Hopi tribe celebrates The History of the Soyaluna.

The History of the Soyaluna is also called the Prayer Offering Ceremony is celebrated on December 22nd. The Hopi tribes of Arizona celebrate Soyaluna by trying to prevent the sun from disappearing forever during the Winter Solstice.

This ceremony is very important to the tribe just how Christmas is important to Americans.

These are just a few of the many holidays celebrated in December by various cultures.


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