10 Beauty Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

So many of your daily beauty routines that you swear by can be surprisingly harmful. Here are some common mistakes we all make.

  1. Not cleaning makeup brushes regularly: With daily use makeup brushes begin to harbor bacteria, dead skin, oils, and makeup. When looking at the brush you run on your face daily it is hard to believe. It appears to be pretty clean, but all of the products used on your brushes are microscopic and is absorbed by the bristles of the brush. When you apply your makeup with that brush you are clogging your pores and making your makeup look caked on. It is important to clean your brushes every two weeks to ensure that you are not only maximizing your brushes life, but also keeping your face clean. To clean your brushes you can just use regular unscented bar soap and water and let it air dry overnight (do not blow dry!). 
  2. Blowing makeup brushes: When you accidentally collect too much product on your brush when applying makeup it is so easy to just blow the product off. This is a very common mistake that damages your makeup brushes. When you are blowing the brush, spit moistens the brush and this increases the chances of the brush molding and harboring bacteria. Instead just tap the product off of the brush. 
  3. Pumping your mascara: People often open their mascara and pull the applicator out and in and out to maximize the amount of product on the mascara brush. Though it is effective in that way it puts pockets of air into your mascara making the product clumpy. The air pockets also dry out your mascara decreasing it’s life.
  4.  Shampooing everyday: Shampooing hair every day dries out the hair making it brittle and dull. To stay healthy your hair needs its natural oils and stripping your hair of those everyday removes moisture. Instead shampoo every other day for normal to oily hair and for naturally dry curly hair shampoo once a week. On the days when you’re not washing use dry shampoo on your roots or rock a ponytail to hide the oiliness.
  5.  Painting your face all one color: Using one color (foundation, concealer, bb cream, etc) to cover your whole face is fine as long as a bronzer and blush is used over. Without those two the face looks washed out and unnatural. Instead cover any imperfections with a cover up and highlight Your natural features with blush and bronzer.
  6.  Brushing hair scalp to end: Brushing your hair root to tip pulls a lot of your hair out and increases breakage caused by split ends. When detangling your hair you should instead use a comb and start at the ends of your hair while slowly working your way up through the tangles. Doing this gently helps to keep your hair healthy and strong.
  7.  Globbing spot treatment onto your face everyday: Spot treatment has very harsh chemicals that do remove pimples but are not safe or healthy for your skin when applied everyday.  Spot treatment should only be used in very small areas, during beauty “emergencies.” The chemicals in spot treatment can dry out skin in turn making your face produce more oils to compensate and in return creating more pimples! The chemicals can also cause discoloration, make your skin very sensitive to sun and make your skin peel. Instead apply the spot treatment before an event (for example) when it is necessary. Wash your face daily with an acne medicated face wash and moisturize with a non-poreclogging face lotion.
  8.  Not wearing sunscreen everyday: Even during the coldest of months the sun’s harsh rays are still present. Most people just apply sunscreen during outdoor activities during hotter months but sunscreen is necessary year round! Wearing sunscreen daily will prevent premature aging and sunspots. Instead of adding an extra product to your daily beauty routine purchase a foundation with at least spf 15. Most bb-creams have sunscreen and there are even blushes, powders and bronzes with spf.
  9.  Keeping facemasks on too long: Most face mask labels have explicit instructions on the application of the mask. It is very important to follow those directions because they are there for a reason. Many of us think leaving it in linger maximizes the effects of the facemask but instead keeping it on over the instructed time has awful effects on the face. When kept on too long it can lead to over drying of the face, and wrinkles.
  10.  Peeling your lip-skin: During these dry winter months the skin and lips are exposed to harsh weather and are often dry and peely. It is kind of fun to peel your chapped lips but it not only dries out your lips even more but can make you look old. When you are biting your chapped lips your saliva removes the lips moisture. Also pulling your lips to peel them causes fine lines and wrinkles on your lips making the lips lose their youthful plump look. Instead use a moisturizing lip scrub that can be purchased at most beauty stores or make your own at home. Mix sugar with honey and a little bit of coconut oil and rub they all over your lips to scrub off the dead skin and reveal smooth plump lips!